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I just can’t

This is why retail needs to pay more. Your choice America either pay your retail workers more or get busy educating your stupid people.


I used to work at Virgin Megastore. This guy called and asked me when we close. I said “1AM”. His response: “1AM in the morning? Or at night?” “……..1AM when it’s dark out, sir” -_-

I remember when I worked at Loews before it merged with AMC, some man came up to me while I was taking tickets and asked if we carried lumber. I would’ve laughed if I wasn’t on my feet all day fucking taking tickets in a vest and button down shirt across from the box office.

I was working box office at a theater and I had a guy ask when the 4:30 Spider-Man started. I had him repeat himself three times before he realized his error and said “ended”.

Now I work at a UPS Store where I get at least three people a day ask if I can ship a fedex package.

People are fucking dumb.

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